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Day care activities can help draw many new customers. More and more parents want someone to not only look after their children, but to help them learn and have fun. Introducing stimulating day care activity to a child’s day can help them physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Any day care activity should be tailored to the ages of the children. Infants and young toddlers will need more basic, gentle play, while older children will need more challenging activities. When you are dealing with a wide range of children, it may be more challenging to come up with child care activity to meet all of their needs. With a little creativity and patience, however, it is possible.

Infants and toddlers need good day care activities as much as older children, but they need activity suited to their age. Younger infants need plenty of floor time to help with muscle strength and mobility. They will also love playing with brightly colored rattles and soft toys. As they get a little older they may enjoy pull toys, riding toys, large blocks, and stacking toys. Games like peek-a-boo are very popular at this age, as is music and singing.

Older toddlers need day care activity that helps them learn new skills and concepts. Puzzles, building blocks, arts and crafts, and outdoor play are all important at this age. Memory games would be a fun day child care activity, as well as dress up. This age group is learning not only mental skills, but social ones as well. Try to find activities that help in both of these areas. Older toddlers also like to help adults. With close and careful supervision, they could be encouraged to play with and ‘help’ the younger babies.

Pre-schoolers need books in any day care activity. Books and reading are crucial at this age. Read to them as often as possible. Keep plenty of colorful picture books and encourage children to create their own stories to go with the pictures.

If you are dealing with multiple age groups, day care activities should be scheduled for each. You could, for instance, have preschool activity during infant naptime, or vice versa. All schedules should be flexible however, as children do not always cooperate with your plans. Combining age groups for day care activities when possible is one option, but you may need to make sure you have at least one adult for each group if you are dealing with a large number of children.

Outdoor play is an important child care auckland for all age groups, even infants. Older children may prefer games such as baseball, tag, or hide and seek. Most children of any age group love to swing and slide. Babies may simply enjoy the sunlight, but many like to swing or play in the grass.

With a little careful planning, you can easily find suitable day care activities for any age group you are working with. Above all, listen to the children. If they enjoy certain day care activities, try to find other similar things to do. If they don’t like something, look for alternatives. Even the most well intended day care activities will be worthless if the children do not cooperate.

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by Christine Groth

Opening A DayCare – How To Make More Money Off Your Day Care Center

You can make a lot of money just by running your daycare center the regular old way. But there are ways in which you can turbo charge your income stream and make more money with your daycare. All you have to know is how.

Here are 3 simple ways to create new income streams through your daycare center and to make more money:

1. Charge for extra hours – You should make perfectly clear to the parents of the children in your daycare center the operatiinghours of your daycare. That means that by the end of these hours they must pick up their child. But, you should provide the option of picking the child at a later time, for an additional fee, of course. Don’t be shy, you’re doing extra time you should get extra pay. It’s as simple as that.

2. Babysitting – The parents already know you and trust you and the child knows you. You can easily offer babysitting services. And why not? It’s not that different from what you do in your daycare. You don’t have to do the actual babysitting yourself. You can have babysitters working for you. If a parent wants a babysitter you can provide one for a profit.

3. Sell children and baby related products – This is a bit tricky, but if you have a substantial number of children you can become an agent of children and baby related products and offer them to the parents of the children in your daycare. You can sell toys, children’s books, diapers and anything of that kind. Use your imagination.

There are many ways to make more money with you daycare. It’s all up to you. Use these 3 ways to make even more money with your daycare center.

by Lucy Doyle

THE SIMPSONS | Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare” | ANIMATION on FOX

THE SIMPSONS | Maggie Simpson in "The Longest Daycare" | ANIMATION on FOX

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9 year old Black Bully Punches, Kicks, & Chokes Toddlers at Daycare Center – WLBT News Report

9 year old Black Bully Punches, Kicks, & Chokes Toddlers at Daycare Center – WLBT News Report

WLBT News reports a story about Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg where a nine year-old black boy assaults a room of toddlers in front of employees!



Black Ops 2- Children’s Online Daycare- Gun game knife only

Black Ops 2- Children's Online Daycare- Gun game knife only

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Industry Review: Child Care Time Clock

If you saw the recent State of the Union speech delivered by President Obama, you heard him highlight the need for quality child care in today’s economy. The president identified this as a major need for many working families by stating that this valued service is “not a nice-to-have but a must-have.” Children are indeed a valuable gift and choosing a day care facility is an important decision for any parent. If you are thinking of starting a day care service or perhaps already have a well established child care facility, a time and attendance program can help you easily manage both employees and children.

Employee Payroll

One of the primary reasons for using a time and attendance program in your child care facility is so you can track employee hours and overtime for payroll processing. You can eliminate the lack of accountability that comes with handwritten paper time sheets. It will also help you keep track of employee vacation, sick days, and personal time off. A time and attendance system is also a great way to keep track of intern hours or local students working toward their teaching credential or child care certification. Do your employees work in several departments within the day care? Do they receive different rates of compensation for teaching versus after-hours care? A quality time and attendance program is not only able to calculate your employee hours worked to simplify your payroll process, but also enables employees to change their activities throughout their shift so you can easily identify how many hours the employee spent in different departments and compensate them accordingly.

Student Security & Attendance

Do you have a line of children and parents waiting to check-in each day? Find a time and attendance program that has a PIN interface that is fast, easy-to-use, and works equally well with a touchscreen or keypad. A PIN interface uses a unique identification number for each child to quickly check-in and check-out. The PIN interface also provides complete anonymity because it presents a simple log-in screen and does not display child or employee information to prying eyes. In case of an emergency, you can still generate a list of children and employees who are on-site to make sure students and staff are quickly accounted for.

After-hours Billing

Are you manually keeping track of which parent needs to be billed for after-hours care and how much? The same time and attendance program you use for tracking employee hours worked and monitoring student check-in can be used as an easy way to invoice parents for care that goes beyond their designated pickup time. You can either simply review student attendance reports for late check-out times or set daily thresholds based on the number of hours students are in care. Either way, you will be able to quickly and accurately invoice parents for early drop off and late pickup fees.

A great time and attendance program will help you spend less time managing your day care and more time doing what you do best: teaching and caring for children.

by Jeffery Morrow

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