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Day care activities can help draw many new customers. More and more parents want someone to not only look after their children, but to help them learn and have fun. Introducing stimulating day care activity to a child’s day can help them physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Any day care activity should be tailored to the ages of the children. Infants and young toddlers will need more basic, gentle play, while older children will need more challenging activities. When you are dealing with a wide range of children, it may be more challenging to come up with child care activity to meet all of their needs. With a little creativity and patience, however, it is possible.

Infants and toddlers need good day care activities as much as older children, but they need activity suited to their age. Younger infants need plenty of floor time to help with muscle strength and mobility. They will also love playing with brightly colored rattles and soft toys. As they get a little older they may enjoy pull toys, riding toys, large blocks, and stacking toys. Games like peek-a-boo are very popular at this age, as is music and singing.

Older toddlers need day care activity that helps them learn new skills and concepts. Puzzles, building blocks, arts and crafts, and outdoor play are all important at this age. Memory games would be a fun day child care activity, as well as dress up. This age group is learning not only mental skills, but social ones as well. Try to find activities that help in both of these areas. Older toddlers also like to help adults. With close and careful supervision, they could be encouraged to play with and ‘help’ the younger babies.

Pre-schoolers need books in any day care activity. Books and reading are crucial at this age. Read to them as often as possible. Keep plenty of colorful picture books and encourage children to create their own stories to go with the pictures.

If you are dealing with multiple age groups, day care activities should be scheduled for each. You could, for instance, have preschool activity during infant naptime, or vice versa. All schedules should be flexible however, as children do not always cooperate with your plans. Combining age groups for day care activities when possible is one option, but you may need to make sure you have at least one adult for each group if you are dealing with a large number of children.

Outdoor play is an important child care auckland for all age groups, even infants. Older children may prefer games such as baseball, tag, or hide and seek. Most children of any age group love to swing and slide. Babies may simply enjoy the sunlight, but many like to swing or play in the grass.

With a little careful planning, you can easily find suitable day care activities for any age group you are working with. Above all, listen to the children. If they enjoy certain day care activities, try to find other similar things to do. If they don’t like something, look for alternatives. Even the most well intended day care activities will be worthless if the children do not cooperate.

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by Christine Groth

Day Care Centers

Let your fingers do the walking in the directories where you will find under the child care, preschool and schools section a list of day care centers which take care of children when you are away at work. Call a center close to your home and inquire of payments, number of children per minder, facilities offered and any other information that may be available.

There being many government and non profit making day care centers it is important to inquire if the center is licensed by a recognized educational institution for the safety of the child. Two heads are better than one therefore the need to make a visit with a spouse, friend or relative to the facilities that you called having narrowed them done to at least five centers.

Day care centers are rapidly growing all around the world whereby the first recorded center being in the late 1800s while in the united states it was the the New York Day Nursery which was established by a private charity in 1854. It is also important to note that these centers are not only play centers but also offer credible education to better the development and growth of the child as they prepare to attend kindergarten and nursery school.

Before enrolling a child to a day care center it is important to check out the staff training qualifications, how many children are allotted to one staff, since the lesser the children per staff the better. Make an effort to see the sick room facilities and if they have trained staff on first aid in case of a child falling ill. Always ask the child if they are comfortable and love the center as often as possible since at this tender age they do have a short memory on events.

by Peter Gitundu

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Cost Of Starting A Daycare Center

There are two basic ways of beginning daycare services. You can either run the service out of your own home or look for a full scale daycare center to run. If you being the operation out of your own home, you can spend as little as $500 to as much as $5,000 depending upon the remodeling you need to do, the equipment you need to buy and the licensing laws you need to meet.

If you are looking to run a daycare center that operates from an independent business location then you are looking at much greater start-up expenses that could run around $100,000!

These are some of the items that you are going to want to budget for:

– Licensing fees,

– first aid/CPR certification

– High chairs and booster seats

– Nap mats

– Bedding

– Playpens/portable cribs

– Advertising

– Liability insurance

– Safety devices

– First aid kit

– Computer

– Software

– Books

– Toys

But that’s not the whole list, you are going to need a few more items inorder to make your daycare center, the talk of the neighnourhood and be able to keep the parents happy. Happy parents will refer your daycare to their friends and family. You may find that having a well equipped daycare may end up helping you save on advertising costs, due to word of mouth advertising.

Other things you may want to include in your budget are:

– Education materials

– Arts $ crafts supplies

– Disposable gloves

– Disposable changing pads

– Antibacterial cleaners

– Good healthy food

– Child-sized tables and chairs

– Sanitary storage containers for used diapers

– Step stools for toilet and sink

– Outdoor play space – There should be sand as well as a hard surface for wheeled toys, etc.

– Make-believe clothes, props and costumes for pretending and dressing up

– Record player or CD player, radio and tape recorder

– Containers for colors, pencils, markers and other art materials

Here are some other very important items that you have to budget for no matter if you are running the daycare out of your home or you are operating it as an independent business:

1. Permits – Just like any other business, a daycare needs permits such as a business license, fire-safety permit, and other permits that each state or county may require. These permits are not cost prohibitive. They usually only cost a few dollars a year.

2. Insurance – This is a very important issue and every business should make sure they have adequate insurance. The premiums are a bit pricey, but small daycare centers will only have to pay a small premium whereas large daycare centers will have to pay a lot more for their insurance. It is best to do some comparison shopping when you go to buy your insurance.

3. Equipment – Purchasing all of the needed equipment for your daycare center will definitely cost you some money, but most of these items are a one time cost and should serve you for a long time. You may be able to get by with as little as $300 if you are just running a business out of your home. The cost will be considerably more for an independent daycare center.

The cost of starting a daycare center may seem overwhelming at first but it is far little in comparison to the potential to make money in this business. What a great opportunity this is!

by Munyaradzi Chinongoza

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